Online Ordering

We have several types of food ordering available at this time: cooked to order take out and meal plan pans which are larger portions for meal planners who want their favorite DTCuisine ready to re-heat and eat. Also available are items from our DTCorner Store: Grocerant.


Our DTCooked to Order Take Out is available for pre-order and pick up curbside ready to eat!

Currently, we are unable to fulfill orders from our huge menu right now, therefore have limited our menu to the most popular items for speed and efficiency during this time. Our take out menu includes appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, soups, salads, pizzas & calzones, fish-n-chips, oven-baked-deliciousness, sweets-n-treats…AND let’s not forget, cocktails, wine, and beer!

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Meal Plan Pans

Meal planners this is for you! Get more bang for your buck by pre-planning your weekly meals; feed your large family for days, split an order with family, or share with those in need. Made in larger portions, these meals are fully cooked, packaged in small and large pans and picked up cold, ready to re-heat and eat. Pre-order at least a day before and pick up the following day.

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DTCorner Store: Grocerant

There is something about the nostalgia of walking down to the local neighborhood “corner store” to get a jug of milk and a treat. Inspired by Kevin’s great grandparents, Nachman & Rose Katz (circa 1912 Winnipeg, Canada), we’ve channeled our entrepreneurial ancestors with the launch of our DTCorner Store: Grocerant. The Dancing Tomato Caffé is already conveniently located on the corner of Walton Avenue and Colusa Highway in Yuba City, so we think it was just meant to be. Preorder and pay online, swing by to pick up via curbside Fridays between 1-5PM.

Our little corner store has everything from locally grown, DTCandied walnuts, whole walnuts & walnut pieces from Katz Nutz to milk, eggs, bread, butter, ice, whole bean and ground coffee, and last but not least, TOILET PAPER!

Get your fresh produce and save a trip to the grocery store with our DTConsumer Boxes! DTC lean green produce boxes and more are available for those who prefer to meal plan. These boxes include various items ranging from salad ingredients and dairy products to the staples of an Italian dinner.

Pre-order grocerant items at least a day before and pick up the following day.

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